Beautiful Box Braids is Back!

Hi there beautiful people! Many of you have been wondering where I’ve been. Did I suddenly drop off of the face of the earth? Have I been captured by aliens, dropped off on a deserted island, and left to die a horrible and detestable death? I say no, no, a thousand times no!

All jokes aside, I’ve been taking a much needed hiatus to work on a variety of different projects so that I can bring back a wealth of information to my readership. My apologies for being away so long. I am looking forward to sharing all the knowledge that I have gleaned along the way. Stay tuned…because Beautiful Box Braids is back!


Coming Soon! How to Prepare Your Hair for Box Braids or Senegalese Twists

Fall is approaching fast and many of us are looking for the perfect protective style for the frigid months that are soon to follow. Whether it be box braids or Senagalese twists, there are a few essentials that you should know about when preparing your hair for these protective styles. Let Beautiful Box Braids be your ultimate resource if you want to be “in the know!”

Product Review: Alma and Olive Heavy Cream by Qhemet Biologics

Usually, when I wear my hair in box braids, I use a spray for my hair and scalp to help retain moisture. Lately the spray hasn’t been working as well as I want it to for reasons unknown to me. I don’t remember how I ever found out about Alma and Olive Heavy Cream, but I’ve been using it for about a year now and I am satisfied with the results. It must have been one of those lazy Sundays when I was surfing the net in search of anything that would quench my dry, thirsty coils and dry, itchy scalp. While reading reviews online about Alma and Olive Heavy Cream, I realized that there was one consistent theme in every review—moisture…and my hair was going through serious withdrawal! Continue reading