Product Review: Alma and Olive Heavy Cream by Qhemet Biologics

Usually, when I wear my hair in box braids, I use a spray for my hair and scalp to help retain moisture. Lately the spray hasn’t been working as well as I want it to for reasons unknown to me. I don’t remember how I ever found out about Alma and Olive Heavy Cream, but I’ve been using it for about a year now and I am satisfied with the results. It must have been one of those lazy Sundays when I was surfing the net in search of anything that would quench my dry, thirsty coils and dry, itchy scalp. While reading reviews online about Alma and Olive Heavy Cream, I realized that there was one consistent theme in every review—moisture…and my hair was going through serious withdrawal!

This prompted me to check out their website,, for further inquiry. I am always a bit skeptical about ordering a product online from a company I have never heard of before. I’m a creature of habit and don’t like change (I’m working on that!). This is the reason I kept my hair short for several years before I installed my box braids. While cruising their website, I noticed that I didn’t have to order the product online without getting a chance to see it—I could also purchase it at Back to the Land, a natural food market located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I was pleased to know that I could find a hair care product specifically made for African American hair, especially coarse natural hair. This is the only store in New York where it is sold. I wasn’t looking forward to the trek up to Park Slope, but the product reviews were so convincing that I had to take the chance.

My daughter is always the guinea pig when it comes to product testing (bless her heart!). She has beautiful, thick, coarse, natural hair and I love every inch of it. Moisture retention can be an issue with coarse hair, especially when I do braided hairstyles such as cornrows or box braids. It is always necessary to seal in moisture periodically with these protective styles.

I was all too happy to try anything that “softens & moisturizes very dry, coarse hair,” as the product claims. I’m really not into the hair typing system, but I would say that my daughter’s hair texture is somewhere between a 4B and a 4C. My hair has a similar texture to hers. From the moment I slathered the thick rich cream onto her hair, I was a believer. I especially found it useful when I’ve done her hair in protective styles such as twists, cornrows, and bantu knots. The butter literally melts into her coils and dryness is no more.  Alma and Olive Heavy Cream is the truth!

The consistency is that of a thick rich butter and it truly lives up to its name. It’s extremely rich, thick, and heavy. It has a light and pleasant citrusy scent—not at all overpowering. Check out the product description below:

Alma and Olive Heavy Cream

Product Description
Our nourishingly rich blend of old world oils, organic herbs and natural humectants leaves coarse, dry and brittle hair extra soft, healthy and supple!

Key Ingredients: Our ultra thick cream contains Amla, Brahmi and African Aloe, premium Afro-Indian botanicals used for thousands of years to nourish the scalp and strengthen and condition hair. MSM sulfur nurtures follicles and encourages healthy hair growth, Mediterranean Olive Oil delivers emollience and lubricity while Vegetable Glycerin and pure African Castor Oil lends sheen, softness and intense moisture.

Does not contain mineral oil, lanolin, proteins, silicones, artificial fragrances, dyes or parabens.

100% Vegetarian

Has a natural, light citrus scent.

Directions: A perfect all-in-one for moisturizing and softening afro’s, coils, curls, pony puffs, two strand twists, braids, cornrows, fades, chemical and color processes, softening new growth and restoring softness and elasticity to dry brittle ends. Also helps weigh down kinks and coils.

Use as a:

  • Soothing and regenerative scalp butter
  • Post-shampoo conditioner
  • Overnight Deep Treatment
  • Moisturizing daily leave-in
  • Replenishing body butter

Evenly distribute a small to moderate amount through dry or slightly damp hair.

Color may vary from batch to batch from white, yellow or tan due to natural color variations inherent in oils and botanicals. Expect slight variations in texture between batches as they are handcrafted. Some batches yield a stiff cream while others will be slightly fluid. This is not indicative of a formula change and will not affect performance.

There are so many things that are great about this product that I am hard-pressed to find anything negative to say, except that it is primarily sold online. As an avid label reader, I love the fact that they use natural ingredients and do not contain mineral oil or other harmful ingredients. In the directions you’ll notice that it can also be used as a “soothing and regenerative scalp butter.” I can’t stress this point enough because I can surely testify to that.

As some of you may know, I’ve been wearing my hair in Poetic Justice Box Braids for quite some time. For all of you who have had box braids, or braided hairstyles in general, an itchy scalp can be your worst nightmare. Recently I was searching under my bathroom sink, better known as the black hole, where I stash most of the products I’ve tried at some time or another (I admit I am a self-professed product junkie). Admittedly, I forgot that I even had the Alma and Olive Heavy Cream. I slathered the cream onto my scalp and the itch was no more. This not only relieved my itchy scalp, but it also softened my new growth for days. This product has definitely become a natural hair care staple in my house.

For all you ladies that are rockin’ Beautiful Box Braids, other braided hairstyles, or natural hairstyles in general, remember that moisture is always your best friend (this applies to the gentlemen, also).

I hope you found this review helpful. Have you tried Alma and Olive Heavy Cream? I would love to hear your feedback. Leave your comments below!

—Have a beautiful day :)


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6 responses to “Product Review: Alma and Olive Heavy Cream by Qhemet Biologics

  1. Josy

    This product sounds like something I would try! I am growing locks via twist, and would use this product mostly around my hairline.

  2. Awesome review. I haven’t tried the cream yet, but I’m always looking for new products. Did you find that you had to add any oils to it, or was it fine by itself?

    • I didn’t have to add any oils, but I found that the product worked best on damp hair just after I washed it. As I let the product sit, the softer my hair got. I have also used it in conjunction with their Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee and Castor and Moringa Softening Serum. It works wonders. Other reviews say it’s best for very coarse hair and I fall in that category.

  3. JoZi

    I’m going to try this product for my transition into locks. I am particularly interested in this product due to it’s castor oil component. I’ll most likely use it on the crown of my head, as locks, breads, and weaves put stress on this area. Great review!-JoZi

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